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    "When I want to read a novel, I write one."

    - Benjamin Disraeli

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    Urban | Technology | Design

    Sydney, Australia | NYC, New York




    Sencity aims to revive and evolve urban culture: to design human-centred engaging experiences through technology, empathy, and creativity.


    From our interactive trash bins to smart city platforms, we believe in imbuing friction-less and joyful human interactions in our daily lives while building sustainable cities for the future. 


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    Luxury Startup in Beta Mode for Family, Friends, & Research Purposes





    “Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”

    - Ken Robinson

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    University of Southern California

    Ongoing, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Ph.D in History/MSc in Geographical Information Science & Technology

    • Research Areas: Aviation History in China and Greater East Asia, Spatial Econometrics, Business & Economic History, Transpacific Studies, History of Capitalism, Deregulation and Open Skies in US, EU and ASEAN Cases
    • Provost Fellow
    • USC Transpacific Studies Fellow
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    Johns Hopkins University,

    Carey Business School

    2016-2018, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Global M.B.A

    • Dean's Scholar & ROMBA Fellow


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    Yale University,

    School Of Management

    June 2014, New Haven, CT, USA

    Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program

    • Highly-selective & intensive summer business program for young global leaders 
    • Winning team of Audubon Case Competition
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    Vanderbilt University,

    College of Arts & Science

    2009-2013, Nashville, TN, USA

    B.A. in Global Business Strategy, Communication Studies, and English & History




    • Graduated Cum Laude, with Dean's List Honors
    • Highest Honors for History Thesis, The Heavens Were Not Free: A Comparative History of Aviation Deregulation in the US, EU, & ASEAN
    • Honors for English Thesis, Meaning/Imagination: On T.S. Eliot & The Unchallenged Image
    • Henry L. Swint Award for Top History Research Paper (2011)
    • Thomas Weser Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Community as an International Student (2011)
    • Not bad for a high school dropout
  • Where's Your Curiosity Now?




    "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got."

    - Janis Joplin

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    TechSociety (Asia)

    We Make Tech Education Fun, Accessible, & Engaging!

    SG, Singapore | HK, Hong Kong SAR | HCMC + HAN, Vietnam


    Co-Founder, Managing Partner


    We love code - and that's why we teach it! We are one of Asia's first Tech Entrepreneurship academies for K-12 students. Through our "Play, Experiment, Create, Pitch" framework, we inspire the next generation of hackers and startup ninjas. We are proud to continue expanding our education programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.


    TechSociety is currently driving coding education for girls and other minorities through our CodeForASEAN campaign under President Obama's YSEALI program. We were also National Champions in EO's Entrepreneur Awards 2016 (Hong Kong). Our work in the region was also recognized by St. Gallen's Symposium and we were invited to share as Leaders of Tomorrow. We also received the SPRING ACE Grant and the SMU Innovation Award 2014 - and we were semi-finalists and the Singaporean contenders of the World Startups Summit 2014 (Seoul, Korea) and finalists of the NTU ideasInc accelerator program.




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    Starhub i3 Future Services -

    Innovation, Investment, Incubation

    Huge Capital of Belief - Let's Go!

    SG, Singapore | Asia-Pacific Region




    Senior Seeker | Innovation Gunslinger


    Nobody knows how the future would look like - so we have to make it. Starhub i3 Future Services is a power collective of thought leaders, startup hotshots, and industry mavericks who are not mere fortune tellers but destiny makers by combining the hotpot ingredients of Innovation, Investment, and Incubation to take new businesses and ideas beyond what we know we do not know - and what we know we know.

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    Kairos Society (ASEAN)

    Empowering Radical Entrepreneurship. Everywhere.

    SG, Singapore | Asia-Pacific Region




    Director of Partnerships

    Kairos Society (ASEAN) is an invitation-only entrepreneurial community of the brightest new generation leaders across ASEAN solving problems and changing the world through high-impact ventures.



    We are the ASEAN regional hub of The Kairos Society, a non-profit organisation founded in 2008. The Kairos family works to discover and empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation

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    MasterCard Worldwide

    Prepaid (Global) Group: Emerging Payments

    Purchase, NY




    Intern Analyst

    I spent the glorious summer structuring financial ecosystems for developing countries. It was an exhilarating experience melding mobile and alternative payment technologies, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, and financial literacy programs to create novel banking/payment paradigms with our NGO/NPO, government, academic, and corporate partners.


    Financial Inclusion, FTW.

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    Grey Group/G2

    Accounts/Creative Division

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam





    Despite not speaking an ounce of Vietnamese, I spearheaded market research, capital budgeting, & corporate branding intern projects for British-American Tobacco & Coors Light in the Indochinese markets. I also got my hands dirty with copywriting & moodboard work for GlaxoSmithKline. During my time in Grey, I also facilitated 2 behavioral change (Anti-Drunk Driving) campaigns for the WHO in Hanoi. My proudest moment was when I snuck into the core team to help pitch for the Vietnam Airlines retainer. I ended up with a lot more friends, experience, and Vietnamese phrases than when I first began. 

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    Ministry of Defence, Public Affairs

    Singapore Armed Forces MDC

    SG, Singapore




    Chief Scriptwriter/Master of Ceremony

    Over my 2 1/2 years of service, I advised on communications delivery, conceived scripts, and acted as the Master of Ceremony for more than 250 military and international diplomatic events. Working on high-level projects such as the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Conferences, Asia- Pacific Military Intelligence Meeting, and the Royal Singapore Air Force Open Houses imbued me with a special insight into diplomatic operations and exigences.


    During my service, I also hosted 80 National Education programs in schools and developed public outreach strategies in Singapore. I also helped to design and present over 25 cultural diplomacy events in Australia, Thailand, & Malaysia. It was an honor serving the country in such a key position at a very young age.

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    SG Haze Rescue




    SG, Singapore

    Founder, CEO

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    Vanderbilt in Sri Lanka Project




    Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


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    YOLA Leadership Camp




    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Camp Facilitator

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    SG, Singapore

    Public Speaking/Drama Educator

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    NDP 2008




    SG, Singapore

    Scriptwriter/Emcee (Media Events)


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    Working hard is great. But working smart is just...smarter!


    I am a quick study, and will always go for the jugular of more advanced work. I've been fortunate to live, work, study, and play across 8 incredible cities spanning 3 continents. I have operated across military installations, (village) classrooms, black boxes, and credit card company boardrooms.


    This diverse set of experiences taught me a couple of things:


    1. Being different always makes a difference


    2. Humility is the driver of personal and professional growth


    3. Adaptation and conceiving solutions > whining about your circumstances


    4. I love working in compact teams that "Move Fast and Break Things"


    5. Don't believe your own bullshit





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    I live on stage, swim with sharks, and am willing to take big gambles!


    I look up to Marvel superheroes, especially the affable swashbuckler, Nightcrawler! For me, they represent the ideals of honor, integrity, and inclusion.


    I enjoy watersports and mahjong. I seek out a challenge by bringing myself to learn a new language every year - to comical results.


    My hidden talent is entertaining crowds. I've put on shows for thousands of people in packed stadiums, theaters, and cafes. I hope to make Kim Jong-un laugh one day.


    To play is to be on a high-speed non-stop learning journey. The most important hack here? Always have fun learning.

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    Like a Hero.

    broken image

    Strive for Objectivity

    And Become a Silver Fox.








    Thank You for the Shout Outs!

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    Paul Bradley

    CEO, Caprica International

    Singapore/Las Vegas, NV




    "From my observation, working with Jeremy over several years, he has
    an inherent leadership talent and the ability to motivate and develop those around him through a team oriented approach. I believe that Jeremy has the potential to be a highly successful member of the new millennial generation of leaders. He is very adaptive with technology, has the ability to rapidly absorb information, is very effective in organizing teams for impact, creating strong customer relationships and can analyze challenges and evolve solutions from a multi-dimensional perspective."

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    Dr. Ng Eng Hen

    Minister for Defence, Leader of the House





    "A nation’s spirit and our fortitude is shaped by crises. As Jeremy Chua, the 25-year-old who started SG Haze Rescue wrote... “It has been an incredibly inspiring week for me, working with a community of Singaporeans and PRs overseas and at home to make our country a bigger, bolder and better one. I am humbled by the volunteers and donors, who have contributed time, effort, money, and whatever they could – they embody the new Singapore Story… In a crisis, there is no public/private divide – we are an entire community, together in this.”



    MPs rightly ask: can Singapore withstand the next national threat, the next big one, one even a more severe? I believe so but only if we maintain the trust and care for one another. Trust and care between leaders and the people and for each other. Our collective response during this haze, where Singaporeans came together, trusted and cared for each other, adds to my confidence."



    Thank You for the Opportunity

    to share a part of my work with the community

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    October Interview at 883 JiaFM

    - With Eva Zhang, 883 SAFRA Radio, 8 October 2015

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    - Amelia Teng, The Straits Times, 21 June 2013

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    Primetime News: Talking Point

    - Panelist on Talking Point, MediaCorp Channel 5, 25 June 2013

    broken image

    - Jalelah Abu Baker, Poon Chian Hui and Chan Huan Jun, The Sunday Times, 9 July 2013

    broken image

    - Today Online, 8 August 2013


    - Emily Liu, Today Print Edition, 9 August 2013





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    "Being Different Makes a Difference"

    - Robin Chan, The Straits Times, 10 August 2013





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    - Rachel Chan and Shaun Tan, my paper Print Edition, 5 May 2011





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    "Home study pays off for self-described maverick"

    - Ho Ai Li, The Straits Times, April 2007



    I'm proud to be part of these awesome networks 

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    St. Gallen Symposium


    Leader of Tomorrow



    St. Gallen, Switzerland

    broken image

    Dragon 100





    Hong Kong, SAR

    Shenzhen/Guangzhou, China

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    Education Without Borders





     Guest Speaker 



    Dubai, UAE

    broken image

    World Business Dialogue


    Alumnus Delegate


    2012, 2013


    Cologne, Germany

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    Business Today International Conference


    Alumnus Delegate


    2011, 2012


    New York City, NY

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    Business Today & Sequioa Capital Start-up Conference


    Alumnus Delegate




    Princeton, NJ

    broken image

    O4U Technology Conference






    Campus Ambassador



    San Jose, CA

    broken image

    O4U Business Conference




    2011, 2013


    Campus Ambassasdor



    New York City, NY

    broken image







    Providence, RI

    broken image



    Ora et Labora!



    SG, Singapore


    Let's use our superpowers for Good!

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    +65 8498 3598 (SG)







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